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STAG african setProduct code: 00.ACE.804

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Product description:

The STAG AFR broadband lambda sensor controller is a device that allows to determine the composition of the air-fuel mixture (AFR) feeding the internal combustion engine by measuring the oxygen content in the exhaust gases. The device comes with a broadband lambda probe that can be used in engines powered by a wide range of fuels, such as unleaded petrol, diesel, LPG / CNG, methanol, ethanol. In most cars with indirect fuel injection, the petrol ECU does not control the composition of the mixture at high engine load, which in the case of poor regulation of the fuel system (e.g. in the gas system) can lead to a reduction in engine power, increased fuel consumption and even damage to the engine.
The controller of the STAG AFR broadband oxygen sensor allows you to tune the engine or gas system in such a way that the composition of the fuel-air mixture remains at an optimized level, ensuring maximum engine power while maintaining normal combustion. Thanks to the high speed of lambda coefficient measurement, it is possible to control the composition of the mixture not only in fixed engine operating conditions, but also in transient states.

Description of use:

Ways of application:

  • regulation of fuel systems, both carburetor and injection,
  • calibration of gas installations of all generations available on the market,
  • diagnostics of fuel systems,
  • diagnostics of factory-installed lambda sensors,
  • control of the composition of the air-fuel mixture feeding the engine,
  • calibration of chip-tuning systems.

Technical specifications:

The set containing STAG AFR has been prepared for quick assembly and disassembly in the car. The set includes all necessary elements for mounting the probe as well as connection harnesses, without an interface connecting to a PC. Power is taken from the cigarette lighter socket (12V), and to communicate with a PC you need a standard USB, RS232 or bluetooth interface. A special-dedicated application operating in Windows has been prepared to operate the device, which is extremely friendly and easy to use, increasing the usability of the device.


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