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  • Nagaz Stefanowski, general partnership, is a Polish company, present on the market since 1993. We only sell high quality products from renowned manufacturers. On our offer you will find a wide assortment of products from Polish and foreign manufacturers. Rest assured that we are a serious commercial partner, who also operates outside the Internet.
  • We give you broad, specialised knowledge of the products offered through For a number of years we have been a trusted partner of the largest Polish and international LPG/CNG companies. We are certain you will find the product best suiting your needs at our shop.
  • At we use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol, which is the safest data transfer protection mechanism available today, to give you a sense of safety when revealing your data and placing orders. SSL certificates are a tool ensuring Internet sites safety and a guarantee of confidentiality of electronically transfered data. Once you are redirected to a safe WWW site, you will notice a change in the address from http to https.
  • Only a small group of selected, specially trained employees of our company are given access to your data.


  • Registering with, comply with safety regulations. Remember: use safe passwords are change them periodically. To create a safe password, use small and capital letters, digits and special characters. Avoid simple, easy to intercept passwords, like: your name, your dog's name, your birth date, etc. Also, remember that a password that is considered safe today may not be regarded as one in the future.
  • Never reveal your passwords or user ID's to people not authorised to use Do not write your password down. You are responsible for all actions taken through your profile at
  • If you suspect someone may have intercepted your password, change it immediately.
  • Do not respond to password reveal requests, received e. g. through e-mail, even if the sender claims to be a employee. We never ask for passwords.
  • Only log in to the shop using the original site.
  • Avoid using at Internet cafes. However, if you do visit our shop, register, log in and/or place an order using a computer you are not a permanent and exclusive user of, remember to log out and close the browser once your visit is over. Otherwise, a person using the computer directly after you could access your profile at If you use a shared computer, never save passwords in the browser.
  • Regardless of the safety measures we take at, you, like any user of the Internet, are obliged to protect the safety of your computer or the computer you use for registration, logging in and placing orders. In particular, remember to update your system regularly, use firewall and an up-to-date antivirus software. Also, be advised to regularly protect the browser you use. It is of critical importance that you install latest amendments (patches) published by the browser's manufacturer.
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