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LPG and CNG Webstore -

LPG parts store offers LPG parts and spare parts, LPG accessories and assembly accessories from well-known manufacturers of parts for gas installations, as well as complete gas supply systems.

We are one of the largest online LPG / CNG stores in Poland. We have a wide range of parts for gas installations (auto gas). Gas parts and LPG parts offered at (a store offering gas installations) are high-quality products of domestic and global manufacturers of automotive gas installations.

Our online store is a wholesaler offering gas installations and parts for car gas installations . These include products of the gas installation electronics department, parts for car gas installations (parts for car gas) or LPG accessories.

Parts for gas installations - the largest assortment

Our LPG shop offers parts for LPG installations, such as: Filter (liquid phase, volatile phase, oil fraction), Coil (for electrovalves, injectors and reducers), Lubrication system and fluid, Mounting kit LPG (sequential gas injection of volatile and liquid phases and vacuum installation), Control electronics (kit, minikit, set, computer, switch, pressure sensor, temperature sensor, emulator), Reducer (for gas injection, vacuum installations and spare parts, repair kit ).

LPG parts wholesaler - attractive terms of cooperation

In our online store you can order: gas solenoid valve, injectors (single, injector rails, nozzles, mounting elements), tank (toroidal, cylindrical, internal and external, mounts, covers, covers), as well as valves, multivalves, wires , pipes, mixers, flaps, workshop equipment accessories, plugs and refueling reductions.

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