Polfit rc 4,0/1,0 heat shrink plastic tubing

ELEKTRYCZNE - Polfit rc 4,0/1,0 heat shrink plastic tubing  
product code:88.ELE.303
manufacturer: ELEKTRYCZNE
manufacturer code:0700110018
approval number: EN 60684-2
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Polfit rc 4,0/1,0 heat shrink plastic tubingProduct code: 88.ELE.303

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Product description:

Universal, thin-wall heat shrink tubing, RCH1 type, in black color.

Description of use:

Designed for electrical insulation, mechanical protection, protection against moisture. It takes the shape of the element on which it is shrunk, creates a tightly adhering layer.

Technical specifications:

RCH1 4/1 shrink ratio 4: 1, minimum pipe internal diameter before shrinkage - 4 millimeters, maximum pipe internal diameter after complete shrinkage - 1 millimeter, wall thickness after complete shrinkage - 1 millimeter, length 1 meter, temperature range -55 ° C up to + 125 ° C, minimum shrink temperature + 115 ° C, water absorption max. 0.1% according to ISO62, electrical strength min. 16kV / mm according to EN 60684-2; IEC 60243-1, volume resistivity min. 10¹² Ω according to EN 60684-2; IEC 60093.


Ask about the product: Polfit rc 4,0/1,0 heat shrink plastic tubing


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