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AC STAG - AC sxc 1011 scanner
product code:00.ACE.802
manufacturer: AC STAG
manufacturer code:WEG-871AH-
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AC sxc 1011 scannerProduct code: 00.ACE.802

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Product description

The SXC 1011 scanner is a user-friendly workshop device which enables communication with OBD II/EOBD-compliant on-board diagnostics systems in order to read, diagnose and delete error codes stored in the car's ECU as well as monitor real-time engine parameters.

The scanner is recommended to LPG system-fitting workshops and general car maintenance garages, who seek a reliable and affordable diagnostic tool.

Description of use

The device is particularly helpful during LPG system fitting and regulation. Before the fitting process begins, the car should be thoroughly scanned in terms of the engine's correct running on gasoline. Fitters ten to forget about this, which later makes petrol system-related glitches translate to LPG system failures. The SXC scanner makes the whole process very easy. It only takes a moment to detect any problems in the engine's functioning. By plugging the scanner into the car's diagnostic port, it is possible to monitor the engine's correction values while running on petrol, read and diagnose error codes stored. While fitting the STAG-300 Premium system, some fitters find it difficult to properly plug the STAG-OBD Adapter in. Apparently it is troublesome to locate certain appropriate pins in the diagnostic port. The SXC locates and clearly indicatesthe place where the adapter should be plugged in. When it comes to calibrating the LPG system, the scanner enables monitoring LPG corrections. By comparing them to petrol corrections, it is possible to calibrate the LPG system more precisely.

Technical specifications

Basic functions:

• supports all OBDII/EOBD communication protocols available: KWP2000, ISO (K-line), CAN, VPW, PWM,

• large, clear display,

• makes fitting of STAG-300 Premium systems easier by graphically indicating the place where to plug the STAG-OBD Adapter in,

• monitoring dynamic parameter values stored in the car\'s ECU:
- short- and long-term corrections (STFT, LTFT)
- vehicle\'s current speed
- ignition advance angle TAdv
- intake air temperature InAirTemp
- mass of air flowing through MAF,

• reading, diagnosing and deleting error codes stored in the vehicle\'s ECU,

• reading vehicle\'s identification number (VIN),

• free updates by Internet, installing new languages,

• no batteries requires - powered from the vehicle\'s diagnostic port,

• plug and play.


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