AC STAG - 2W switch (injection)

AC STAG - AC STAG - 2W switch (injection)  
LPG system generation:2nd generation
Type of switch:Analog
Type of petrol supply:Indirect injection
product code:54.ACE.300
manufacturer: AC STAG
category:ECU's AC STAG
manufacturer code:WEG-02AH-
approval number: E8-67R-013608
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AC STAG - 2W switch (injection)Product code: 54.ACE.300

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Product description:

AC STAG2-W control unit injection - control unit, automatic gas - petrol switch, switch of the type of power supply for the car gas system.

STAG2-W switch operating positions:

  • position "0" - emergency operation allows you to start the engine on gas (red LED is on). Turning on the starter activates the LPG solenoid valve and the green diode lights up (the engine runs on gas),
  • position "I" - switching on the petrol solenoid valve (red diode is on) - the engine runs on petrol,
  • position "II" - automatic operation (yellow LED is on). The engine is started on gasoline, and after reaching about 2,000 rpm. switches the solenoid valves from petrol to gas and the color of the diode changes to green (the engine runs on LPG). The speed of switching to gas is regulated by a potentiometer (on the side of the housing). A separate red LED indicates that the LPG reserve level in the tank has been reached.


Description of use:

AC STAG2-W injection control unit - control unit, switch used in car gas installations, designed for cars with petrol injection system.

The STAG2-W switch is designed for automatic or manual activation of the LPG solenoid valve and simultaneous disconnection of the petrol solenoid valve. Used in gas systems of the 2nd generation, mixers with an electronic reducer, with a coil cutting off the gas supply.

AC STAG2-W injection control unit - automatic switch of the type of power supply for 2nd generation car gas installations, mounted inside the vehicle, with a LED for the status of the gas supply system and the reserve level of LPG in the tank.

Technical specifications:

AC STAG - 2W injection unit :

  • nominal power supply - 12V,
  • acceptable power supply - 10-16V,
  • ambient temperature - from -30 to +70°C,
  • output load (wires: blue, yellow) - 5A.

The AC STAG - 2W injection control unit is delivered complete with:

  • connection harness,
  • handle,
  • elements for electrical connections,
  • connection, adjustment and operation instructions.


LPG system generation: 2nd generation
Type of switch: Analog
Type of petrol supply: Indirect injection


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