1/fi50 ventilation bush

STAKO - 1/fi50 ventilation bush  
product code:76.STA.171
manufacturer: STAKO
category:Tanks and accessories STAKO
manufacturer code:121000007 ZA-ART
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1/fi50 ventilation bushProduct code: 76.STA.171

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Product description:

The original ventilation sleeve for the internal toroidal tank for LPG, made by the Polish company STAKO Sp. z o. o. Westport Fuel Systems Group.


Description of use:

The sleeve, after sealing the connections with special masses, is used to lead LPG out of the vehicle cabin in an emergency situation through the multi-valve installed in the tank. After passing the spare wheel recess in the vehicle's trunk through the hole in the bottom of the tank and the floor plating, it creates a special channel through which rigid hoses connecting the refueling valve with the tank and the tank with LPG system components installed in the engine compartment are led outside the body.


Technical specifications:

The sleeve is made of black, weather-resistant plastic, with a flange in which there are three holes for permanent screwing of the sleeve. The outer diameter of the sleeve is 50 millimeters.

The original sleeve itself, without fastening elements.


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