ZBIORNIK STAKO 720/77 W 240mm

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Tank type:internal toroidal
Year of manufacture:2020
Diameter:720 mm
Height:240 mm
Water capacity:77 l
Usable capacity:61.6 l
product code:77.STA.781 R20
manufacturer: STAKO
manufacturer code:T72007712 680689000
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net: 119,39 €
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net: 126,47 €
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ZBIORNIK STAKO 720/77 W 240mmProduct code: 77.STA.781 R20

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Product description:

ZBIORNIK STAKO 720/77 W 240mm


Tank type: internal toroidal
Year of manufacture: 2020
Diameter: 720 mm
Height: 240 mm
Water capacity: 77 l
Usable capacity: 61.6 l


Ask about the product: ZBIORNIK STAKO 720/77 W 240mm


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