Redukcja z filtrem bayonet w21,8 dł.80mm

For filling point:KOLTEC
For filling point with thread:W21,8
product code:73.CRT.618
manufacturer: CERTOOLS
manufacturer code:PT-T018
approval number: E20-67R-010950
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net: 11,98 €


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Redukcja z filtrem bayonet w21,8 dł.80mmProduct code: 73.CRT.618

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Product description:

Filter-adapter for Dutch gas filling on a BAYONET refueling gun.

Description of use:

Reduction for refueling with a filter used for Dutch gas infusers necessary during trips to the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Technical specifications:

Long brass reduction for refueling with a sintered bronze filter cartridge with a pore size of 60 µm (grains with a diameter of 0.12-0.20 millimeters), length 80 millimeters, for the inlet screwed on a W21.8 thread, on the other side a socket for a BAYONET gun with two pins on the outer surface.


For filling point: KOLTEC
For filling point with thread: W21,8
Filter: Yes


Ask about the product: Redukcja z filtrem bayonet w21,8 dł.80mm


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